Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Inverse Ministries (Clint & Penny Bragg)

I have had the pleasure of meeting Clint and Penny Bragg of Inverse Ministries in person. They have an awesome testimony of God's love, faithfulness and forgiveness. In short, they were the storybook couple in their church with the storybook wedding, but then divorced less than two years later.

Eventually Clint moved from California, where they had lived together, to Florida. Eleven years later God convicted Penny to write a letter to Clint to put that part of her life right. She wrote the letter, he called her and they began talking and eventually reconciled and remarried. They now travel the U.S. on 40-day marriage mission trips telling people there is a "God of Second Chances".

I encourage you to watch their testimony at and see what God can do.

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