Sunday, January 27, 2008

Contrasting Authors Adams/McLuhan/Piper

One reason I myself like to read different authors and encourage others to do the same, as well as study scriptures themselves, is that even very strong, biblical Christians see things differently.

Mc Luhan I think emphasized more of God joining couples together by His Spirit and through the physical union. Adams more emphasized the aspect of promises. Both pointed out that until recent history, divorce was so rare in the church that not alot of thought had been given to it nor alot of deep Biblical study.

Both authors emphasized how the Corinthinians passage being addressed to the church could really give alot of insight into the complete picture of God's thoughts on marriage and divorce, except for the exception clause that Jesus mentioned in Matthew.

One thing I have always been impressed with Piper about is that he has strongly emphasized marriage, especially Christian marriage, is a picture of Christ's relationship with the church, which is the ultimate reality. The church will always be married to Christ whereas our marriages end at death. The more we understand the relationship of Christ and the Church the more we understand God's intent for marriage and His dislike of divorce.
In Piper's writings see:
He makes a strong case that no remarriage is allowed following divorce. Before you throw this totally out, it would certainly be worth spending some time reading what he says and especially his point #11. His own church does not take this position, which further indicates to me how difficult of a study this is. We need to try to be respectful of various views without compromising our own convictions.

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