Thursday, February 28, 2008

Searching for Help

If you are in a crisis marriage, or just trying to build your marriage so you don't get to the crisis stage, please be encouraged, because there are truckloads of resources available. I have quite a few on this blog but there is alot more. Here are some suggestions for finding more resources:

Go to Google and search for things like marriage, separation, divorce, adultery, domestic violence, step families. If you primarily want a Christian perspective, just add the word Christian to any of the other words. Obviously, you have to be discerning because there is some wacky stuff out there, but this is how I found alot of the resources listed on this blog.

If you go to a bookstore you can usually find help under the sections of marriage and relationships, self help, sexuality (be cautious here - but sometimes there are real gems of books shelved with some not so good books), and legal.

In a library you can usually sort their index with the same words I suggested for Google and ask the librarian for help.

If you have a Community Marriage Policy or Initiative in your community, they have great resources and know the quality people in your community to network with for help.

There are some pastors who have a gift for working with marriages, and others know where to send people. But, please, if they recommend you go to a counselor, make sure he/she is a marriage-friendly counselor! Do your homework!

My encouragement is to pray and not give up hope. Sometimes it seems like looking for a needle in a haystack for help that will work for you, but it is available for many different situations and many different personalities.

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