Thursday, February 28, 2008

Troubled Marriage Info from Smart Marriages

This came off of the Smart Marriage website. I have not had time to review all of these resources. Some of them I am familiar with, and some I am not. There is so much here for so many situations that I wanted to post to help people as they search. As always, do your homework.

Diane [Sollee], we're looking for something we can refer folks to that are in crisis, and who need some immediate intervention....
I suggest you start at the Directory of Programs:
Maybe refer them to a program listed in Deeply Troubled section:
Or, Infidelity section:
Though you don't name the crisis so realize it could be just about anything - parenting, porn, violence, etc. Also, I don't know where you're located - maybe you should refer them to the Phone coaching section:
And/or, the "strengthen your marriage at a distance" section:

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