Friday, March 21, 2008

Marriage Scriptures

When I realize how important and foundational marriage is in everyday life, and then I think about how few Scriptures specifically address marriage and divorce, I am puzzled about why that is.

Some of the thoughts I have had is that the Bible talks alot about good relationships, and marriage is a fundamentally a relationship, so if we apply good relationship principles from Scriptures to our marriages, we will have good marriages.

To find out what God thinks about marriage and divorce, you don't have to read pages and pages. I think I have most of the key Scriptures listed as links on the bar at the right.

The amazing thing is how so many of these Scriptures tie together. In a few short passages you can see the links between what God said before there was the law, what Moses said through the law, what Jesus said when He was here, and finally, what Paul said as he primarily addressed first century Christians. I encourage you to study these Scriptures for yourself.

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