Monday, April 14, 2008

More Resources/Help Available

I just spent probably less than half an hour reading through an email sent from Smart Marriages about various resources. (

In that short amount of time, I came across Marriage Resources for Clergy. They are sermons, music, and more specifically geared to help pastors promote marriage.

I saw the Marriage Co-mission, a group formed by the founders of Chik-Fil-A that is designed to help community marriage initiatives.

Also, I learned more about the Family Formation Project which is a joint effort of the government and the University of Minnesota to help promote marriage between unwed parents.
If you want help in marriage or in supporting marriages, there are lots of resources fairly quick to find.

It is also encouraging to see the government supporting the value of marriage which is very important to the faith community. It is always interesting when the government gets behind values that have been in the Bible all along. Gives me some hope for this country.

See my Community Marriage Resources section for links to all of these.

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