Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Stemming the Tide of Divorce

Sometimes, as I hear another story about a divorce, or read another statistic about divorce, or see more anti-marriage articles, I get discouraged. I wonder what to say, and how to say it, to help people have hope for their marriages. I can point to many helpful resources, but one-by-one, people have to decide to drive a stake in the ground that they are going to go all out to save their marriage.

Often, I don't know how to inspire that kind of desire. I can share our testimony, I can share resources, I can share statistics, but each person has to hold onto their own marriage. Hopefully, as many of us become more articulate about our own healed marriages, available resources, and negative consequences of divorce, more people will chose to stay married. Regardless of what others do, I want to continue to persist to have a more and more fulfilling marriage. As I do, I hope to be an inspiration for one couple at a time to hold on to theirs.

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