Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Taxpayers Cost of Divorce

Yesterday I got to do something special. I went to the National Press Club for a press conference announcing the results of a new study "Taxpayer Costs of Divorce and Unwed Mothers".

The room wasn't overly large and there were probably 50 to 75 people attending. What I find interesting is to see the report splattered all over various news web sites, after attending the actual announcement.

The key conclusion of the report is that divorce and unwed motherhood costs the U.S. taxpayers a mininum of $112 billion dollars per year. The point was in addition to the human suffering caused by divorce and children out of wedlock, and moral concerns, there is also a large economic price tag.

What was encouraging was to hear just some of the snippets of what is being done around the country.

Another thing I learned about was that there is a new website ( dedicated to reforming divorce laws. What we have in this country is unilateral divorce where one partner is able to force the issue to get out of a marriage where both had to agree to enter it in the first place. I heard someone say once that it is easier to get out of a marriage in this country than to get out of a car lease early.

For more info on both the cost of divorce and divorce reform see

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