Sunday, May 18, 2008


I drove by the former house of family members who are now divorced. They moved into their home when it was new about the time my wife and I were married. At the time they moved in the trees were very small, as is typical for most new subdivisions. Now the street has very pretty trees along it. I was thinking how sad that their marriage didn't continue to grow as the trees did.

I also realized that the statistics on divorce that the wife takes a reduction in living standards are probably pretty true. I had just been at the ex-wife's home and it is not nearly as nice as the old home. I also felt sad for her for all of the hard work with shrubbery and bushes that she put in the first home that she doesn't get to enjoy.

I tried the best I knew how at the time to encourage this couple to work things out, and I still feel a sadness that they didn't.

With Christ's help, I hope to become more effective over the years in helping crisis marriages turn around.

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