Monday, May 12, 2008

Team of Two

My wife and I have been very inspired by a concept we heard from Dave and Dawn Lind ( They reminded us that as a married couple that we are a Team of Two.

My wife and I try to think of ourselves as a Team of Two, and, in spite of strong personal opinions in a given situation, what might be the best option to make our Team of Two all that it can be.

This is not always easy. My wife and I are both capable adults with strong ideas on alot of subjects. But, when we hang in there, exercise goodwill towards each other, and truly discuss things, we can often make decisions we both feel good about.

Sadly, the concept of marriage as even being a team is lacking in society. I think the prevailing concept is of two strong individuals who come together when things feel good and they are on the same page, and when they diverge, they divorce.

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