Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thankful For Our Marriage Restoration

I happen to be sitting next to a lake near our hometown. My wife and I used to come here as we were courting. After we were first separated, one of my first nights in the RV was spent here, and then, many a day I spent here as I wrestled with our situation.

I am in the same parking lot where she told me she was getting a divorce. That is a memory I would just as soon forget, but remembering it inspires me to help others who are hurting.

In retrospect, I have at least one "sort of" funny story from here. I was at the lake one afternoon and had a cell phone call with Sharon that went very bad. I was so furious that I threw the phone as hard as I could into the grass. Then, I could not find it. A couple of fishermen came along, dialed my number and I was able to find it by listening for the ring.

I am thankful that our marriage survived and that Jesus held us together, even when we were weak, or weren't even sure if we wanted to stay married.

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