Saturday, September 27, 2008

Personal Reflections on FIREPROOF . . . and a Challenge

One thing that moved me when I watched the movie was when the husband really started to try to win his wife back and she just rejected everything he tried. I flashed back to our separation and there was a time when I felt like I was finally acknowledging problems, desperately trying to make changes and turn over a new leaf, but for awhile I did not feel that my efforts were accepted by my wife.

By God's grace, I kept persevering, and after while it didn't matter so much if my wife didn't jump up and down at my sincere efforts. Soon, though, she began to acknowledge that I was trying.

Sometimes I wonder if I need to warn people I am encouraging to stay in their marriages, that they may go through a similar season, and if they do, it is not the time to give up. It's the time to dig in and persevere. Keep going, just as Caleb did in the movie.

Order the book "The Love Dare" ( and do the Love Dare with your spouse. Give your marriage another 40 days before you give up.

FIREPROOF Opened at Theaters

I went to see FIREPROOF The Movie last night on it's opening night. It touched me as deeply as it did the first time I saw it in pre-screening.

I highly encourage people to see this movie. It is so real to life. If people are deeply struggling in marriage, it might just give them hope and inspiration to continue. If they have a good marriage, the movie should hopefully inspire further devotion to their marriage.

The more people that see the movie on opening weekend, the longer it is likely to stay in theatres.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


This coming weekend FIREPROOF The Movie starts showing at theatres. Check out

I saw this in an early screening and thought it was excellent. My wife and I were separated for 16 months before reconciling and I thought this movie captured alot of real life feelings we experienced during that time.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Inverse Ministries' 40-day Marriage Missionary Trip

One reason I haven't posted much lately is that I have been on vacation with my wife.

We reconnected with some old friends, Clint and Penny Bragg of Inverse Ministries. They have a miraculous reconciliation story. They were actually divorced for 11 years and out of contact, living across the country from one another, when God reconciled their marriage.

They do 40-day Marriage Missionary trips in different sections of the country. They visit various churches and marriage ministries. They are leaving on a trip this weekend. Take a look at their website under 40-day trip and see if they are in your section of the country. If you get to see them, I think you will be blessed and encouraged.