Monday, December 15, 2008

Beware of the Dog House

Beware of the Dog House

Go ahead and watch this 4min+ clip, Beware of the Dog House. No explanation needed, unless you have a perfect marriage, or are so young and in love that you wear rose-colored glasses.

It's funny... that is, unless you are in it.

Marriage Contrasts

One of the things I do is observe marriages and stories of marriages.

I have been reading George Stephanopoulos' book, All Too Human, about working in the Clinton White House. Regardless of what you think of the Clintons' politics, at very crucial times Hillary hung in there with Bill. Now it sounds like he has been making adjustments to enable her to be Secretary of State.

What I have been puzzled about is why some couples somehow have seemed to be able to pull together and work as a couple - many times not even in an admirable way, and yet so often many Bible-believing Christians just give up and divorce.

Thankfulness for our Marriage

Yesterday was our 23rd wedding anniversary. I just wanted to say that I am thankful that our marriage has survived those years. This year we went for the simple celebration. We went to a state park. Went for a walk. Drove through downtown Annapolis by the Naval Academy - beautiful. Enjoyed the day. Went to supper at a favorite seafood restaurant. Came home and watched a movie. It was just a nice day. Other years we have done the romantic get away thing and that has been fun also.

Over the years we have had some highs and lows. We were thrilled to get married. Then in about the second year we were in marriage counseling. Then I got testicular cancer and had two surgeries and chemo. Not long after we recovered from that we had a big high with our twins being born.

Later in our marriage, we went on a 3.5 month trip together as a family which started out optimistically but by the end we weren't doing so well relationally. Right before we got back, we really got on track with each other and had some good times together as a family.

A few years later we separated for 16 months. By God's grace we reconciled and now help others.

Now the kids are in college and we are adjusting to an empty nest and learning to just enjoy each other all over again.

So I am thankful for our years together.

I hope this short time line helps others to remember the good in their marriages, and celebrate the victories over any prior challenges. I want to give hope to those currently facing challenges to persevere. God says He can do more than we can ask or imagine - and I know that to be true, because I have seen it in our own marriage.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Attention Pastors: Fireproof Site Licenses for Churches

I have just read that the movie Fireproof will be available for site license to churches so it can be shared in church settings. Even though the movie won't be out on DVD for the general public until late January, you can get a site license for your church and start showing it New Year's Eve.

Go to for more info.

This would be a great resource to kick off a marriage ministry or to use as a marriage enhancement event.

Surviving the Holidays for Divorced or Separated

If you are separated or divorced and are dreading the holidays, then you may want to check out Divorce Care's website and go to the section "Surviving the Holidays." There are some tips and videos on line.

Divorce Care (DC) also has a new one session DVD called "Surviving the Holidays" that is available to DC Groups. If you are interested in a group, you can find them at the DC website. The philosophy behind most DC groups is that you can join any week of the series, so you might even be able to get started right away if there is an active group in your area.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Another Marriage Resource

I just came across another marriage resource,

It is sponsored by Catholic bishops and even though I am not Catholic, it seemed to have some solid info.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Obama Marriage

I have read several articles about Barak and Michelle Obama's marriage, and I have enjoyed watching interviews they have done together as a couple. This one inspires me to be even more passionately in love with my wife and to continue to learn how to show that love publicly, but more importantly, privately.

And here is an article by a guy who voted for McCain: