Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Note to Stable Marriages

If you are reading this blog and have a stable marriage, not a perfect marriage, and whether you've been married five years or 5o years, you have something to offer to others. Your love and experience is desperately needed by others.

There are all sorts of very vocal people extolling the virtues of many alternative life styles whether cohabitation, gay marriage, singlehood with adopted children, or single motherhood by invitro children. But, there are stable straight marriages in every community and if more and more of them come forward and share their insights and experiences with their families, their neighbors, their church, their friends - the tide might turn in many couples' marriages.

If you want to help and are clueless where to start browse under Community Marriage Resources on this blog, contact your local pastor and ask about mentor training and opportunities, but most of all let your love for your spouse shine through wherever you are.

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